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Welcome to the Northern Indiana Aquaproducts Website.

Northern Indiana Aquaproducts (NIA) is an aquaponics establishment located in northern Indiana.

Aquaponics is the marriage of aquaculture (or fish farming), with hydroponics. Our fish farming operation employs Indoor Intensive Aquaculture, a method of raising seafood that maintains constant and precise control over all environmental variables. Northern Indiana Aquaproducts ("NIA") has a broad customer base with our wide variety of fish and produce products. We have also introduced a unique line of commercial and home gardening fertilizers.

In our small-scale operation, we can produce 35,000 lbs. of fresh seafood annually; this enables us to deliver a fresh, never frozed filet.

We are able to grow produce hydroponically, using only the nutrient rich water from the aquaculture operation. The water that would normally be discarded is optimized by the growing of all natural herbs and vegitables. Every drop of water from the fish production is utilized in growing our produce. There is no waste in our system; it is completely sustainable.

We believe consumers prefer our products with consistently high quality that can best be harvested from controlled conditions.

NIA will maintain close relationships with our clients to adhere to their specific demands as they develop. As your local midwest seafood producer, we have a distinctive ability to react quickly to your needs, and provide personalized service.



We are certainly interested in discussing future opportunities:

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